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Sina Weibo Marketing

When you are looking to expand your business in China, you can trust Wanqi to be your ultimate companion. Among host of services, we offer a dedicated Sina Weibo marketing service that helps our clients to increase their brand awareness on this giant Social Media platform and communicate, sell to the target audience with less effort.


Weibo(微博), the Chinese word for microblog, is one of the most popular and rapidly growing twitter-like social networking platforms in China. Weibo uses a format similar to its American counterpart Twitter with key difference being that it is used almost exclusively by Chinese language speakers.


•Easy to use, short to read, fun to check
•Accessible on mobile devices
•Provides the most up-to-date information users subscribe to
•Helps users keep in touch with and expand their social networks
•Provides an open forum for users to discuss issues
•Brings celebrities and experts in different industries and brand names directly to customers
•Helps each user become a broadcaster of his/her own thoughts and actions

The number screams just how important of a role Weibo Social Media plays in the success of a business on the digital world.
Weibo has well over 700 million registered users.
It boasts of 198 million monthly active users.
Clearly there is an ocean of potential customers waiting to be capitalized upon. Wanqi can help your brand to reach out to these people, blanket your market, in a more effective way.

We employ a large team of professionals who has been following the trends on Weibo, for years, up closely. We are experienced and well adept with the market knowledge. Catering to a diverse range of businesses, with records as proof, our services vouch for optimum ROI for our clients. Our strategies and campaigns are different and unique with two-fold goals. Our short term plan helps the clients in PR, promotion and direct sales, while our long-term goals help them build a cult-like following with large number of customers and target audience.

Our services include:

♦ Weibo account set-up & Social profile optimization
After knowing your business goals and branding information, we’ll have your account set up in 2 weeks.
And we’ll monitor and review your Weibo account regularly to ensure that everything is on the right track.

♦ Creative Chinese copywriting & Regular posting to Weibo account
We’ll create fresh, relevant and high quality content, including images and articles, to appeal your audience.
Contents will be posted consistently and regularly to establish and maintain your social media presence.

♦ Influencer marketing advice
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in China. Yet, finding the right KOL for your business can be incredibly difficult. Leveraging on our rich network and experience working with Chinese influencers, we will offer advice on KOL strategy and campaign budget for you to reach out to millions of new customers.

♦ Follower engagement
Expertly crafted responses to follower questions, concerns, and expectations.

♦ Responsive customer support

♦ Monthly report
The monthly report includes all the important metrics that you and we care, eg. fans growth, demographics of your audience, best performing posts, fans engagement, etc. It will be regularly sent after the month which allows you to keep track of the results for your Chinese social media marketing.

Also, in view of about 85 per cent Weibo traffic that comes from Mobile users and there are over 75 million mobile app users, Wanqi integrates Weibo advertising with its mobile marketing as well as app marketing. So our services are rather wide and take care not just of Chinese social media Weibo, but also the other wings of digital marketing.

Over the past years we have worked closely with a range of business types- both B2B and B2C- to help them capture the digital market and grow easily. And we can help you too. Bank on our services and take over the Weibo online market with ease and quickness.

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