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Baidu SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Why Baidu SEO? Because your Chinese potential customers are on there.

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing method based on search engines. As search engines have become one of the most important start pages of users, SEO has become a fundamental digital marketing channel for companies with stable achievements and high return on investment. For new brand, SEO is an efficient channel to improve brand awareness and brand revenue. For mature brand, SEO is an important channel to protect brand reputation and maintain branding revenue.

At Wanqi, we are dedicated to help marketers address the disruptive impact of Chinese search engines on the interaction between buyers and sellers. We deliver Baidu SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services tailored to the Chinese market, and yield transparent and profitable returns for our clients.

Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese for Baidu, 360 (Qihoo) and Sogou is a tremendous challenge for foreign brands and businesses. Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, with approximately 63% of the country’s market share. SEO on Baidu are almost a must-do for digital marketers who want to target Chinese internet users. However, increasing your website’s ranking on Baidu requires a slightly different way of thinking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) compared to what you may be used regarding Google’s requirements.

At Wanqi, we take the time to understand your entire China strategy before considering visibility in search engine results. We understand that every business is unique and, as such, every SEO campaign strategy takes on a tailored approach. Whether you want to increase sales leads, improve traffic to your Chinese e-commerce site or boost calls to your B2B business, you can count on our team of Chinese search specialists to design and deliver a search strategy that attracts your target audience.

Wanqi is one of the leading China SEO agencies that will maximise your SEO ROI through a perfect balance of key-phrase analysis & prioritisation, on-page optimisation, off-site link building and Chinese social media signals.

Set Up

Wanqi will listen to you, keep focused on your needs and your Chinese target audience, review current analytics if available, do competitor research, discuss project timeline and develop a tailored Baidu SEO strategic plan for you.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

We work with you to analyse your website and discover the aspects to enhance the Chinese user experience which is different from Western, and also make it easier for China’s biggest search engine Baidu to index your Chinese website. The key on-site aspects we research are: website structure, titles, meta keywords and descriptions, header tags, organic content creation integrated with the target keywords, on-site image / video optimisation, broken links fixed and various other aspects which make your site SEO friendly in China. In view to keyword research and the internet search differences between Chinese and English users, we will develop new Chinese keywords that best target your customer audience rather than producing a straight translation of English keywords into Chinese.

Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Link building is a powerful method for off-site SEO and relevance is its key. Wanqi will create back links and drive target traffic and value to your website.

Our Off-site Search Engine Optimisation service will choose the specific sources to place the natural inbound links: relevant forums to your industry, blogs to earn relevant links, China social media platforms, such as Weibo (equivalent of Twitter in China) especially Sina Weibo, Renren (equivalent of Facebook in China), Youku & Tudou (equivalent of YouTube in China) etc.

Baidu Integrated Marketing

In China’s Internet market, Baidu platforms cannot go ignored as Baidu has several platforms that rank very high in Baidu search results and can help your business profit. Our Baidu Integrated Marketing will provide Chinese SEO services by using Baidu platforms such as Baidu Zhidao (question-and-answer), Baidu Tupian (Image), Baidu Baike (WiKi), Baidu Tieba (Post bar), Baidu Kongjian (Zone) and others.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is essential for your business, not only does it allow us to show you where we have been, but set goals for the future. We use Baidu Tongji (Analytics) or Google Analytics, which are both powerful tracking systems, to analyse the most up-to-date and reliable data, so that we can understand the trends and take action to continually improve the performance.

Ongoing reporting and improvement

Based on the performance tracking, we will provide you with customised monthly reports, including information about overall website traffic and trends, landing page stats, rankings for target keywords, Baidu Integrated Marketing performance, target Chinese audience engagement etc.


Chinese Internet users

660 million

Chinese netizens use Baidu


Baidu's market share in China

What isBaidu ?

Baidu is one of the most powerful search engines in China. Have you ever heard of this Chinese expression: "Baidu yi xia ba" Baidu is not only a simple search engine, it is belonging to Chinese lifestyle and everyday life. If you want to break into the Chinese market,

Baidu is a must step and a must have. However, Baidu is really different from Google, if you want to know more, you can contact us

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