Press release marketing

Your company is ready to go public, or has a new project to attract investment?
Can't see your company or product information on Baidu search engine results page?
Lack of brand awareness and trust from customers?
In the process of SEO and need to link to authority news websites?
Come across network crisis, and need to suppress negative information quickly and effectively?
If your company is experiencing the above problems, then it will be very suitable to make a press release marketing!

What is press release marketing?

Press release marketing is a kind of marketing method that utilizes news media to promote for enterprises, brands or individuals. Using news release as a kind of communication means, it can give a multi-angle and multi-level interpretation on the corporation culture, brand connotation, product mechanism and profit commitments effectively in marketing campaigns, disseminating industry information, leading consumption fashion and guiding purchasing decision.This model is very helpful to guide market consumption, rapidly increase the popularity of product in a short time, and build brand reputation and credibility. Press release promotion has become one of the important means for many enterprises to build brand, expand brand influence and enhance brand credibility.


√ Build trust with an authoritative voice in China
√ Build brand recognition and reputation for your company
√ Follow the marketing trends in China
√ Word of mouth marketing: Spread the word about your business


Press Release Writing Our team loves listening to new ideas. We’ll make sure that people will love reading and hearing it. A professional team of copywriters will turn your story into a compelling and powerful press release.

Comprehensive Services

From beginning to end, your story is carefully managed by a team of skilled writers and expert SEO copywriters. We listen hard to understand your business needs and goals.

Press Release Distribution

Years of relationship building and partnerships with major press release services and industry niche customers have helped us to develop a network of hundreds of thousands of online influencers.

Why Wanqi Press Releases

The Chinese trust an authoritative voice. We will create hot topics and write branded press releases based on your business and publish them on the official media, main portals, vertical media and local media channels in China. This will help your brand to achieve a heightened marketing value with an authoritative, widely trusted and influential voice which will be respected and favored by your Chinese target audience.
We’ve negotiated the best prices for the strongest press release. Our combination of expertise and extensive networking has positioned us to deliver unbeatable results. We start and build viral conversations.

Your branded news will be broadcast across the internet, including 6,000+ Chinese websites in China:
Authoritative media
Four major portals
Industry media
Vertical media
Local media