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Natural(SEO) and paid (PPC) referencing on Baidu

Baidu has more than 75% market share in China. This is a tool not to be overlooked if you want to increase your presence and visibility on the Chinese Internet. In addition, the rules on SEO on Baidu are special, complex and different from those that exist on Google. We now know the methods required for you to appear on the first pages of Baidu and we will be delighted to use our knowledge to benefit your business. Baidu also offers paid links, ad banners and Baidu Pay Per Click. We also have expertise in the management of Paid Advertising and PPC campaigns.

Community Management on Chinese social networks

In Cosmetics and Beauty Products         In Tourism Industry  Our agency can develop the creation and design of your business online in China, and also the recruitment of a community and the animation of it. We also can help with formal business registration and other such issues.

Wechat Marketing 

Infographic WECHAT English PP

Marketing Buzz : Viral Marketing Operations

Nowadays, ‘traditional’ marketing is losing speed. In China, it is now important to offer innovative and interactive content in terms of communication to reach the potential of 750 million Chinese netizens. Viral marketing or buzz marketing fills this role. This is the process of implementing various operations to generate interest in the brand by interacting with consumers. Our methodology is based on five points:
  1. Support and set your goals
  2. Definition of a viral marketing strategy
  3. Implementation of buzz with videos, photos, etc..
  4. Diffusion of the buzz
  5. Establishing metrics, analytics and feedback

Press Relations

To promote a brand or a product it is always useful for a company to use Press Relations. Our agency offers mainly Online PR (Press Relations) services, as online news portals are the most influential in the country. pr-china Our methodology:

eReputation in China

index - Copie (3) Negative comments, misinformation and scandals frequently occur on the Chinese Internet. A brand can find themselves in the midst of a negative buzz. It is therefore necessary to respond appropriately through a campaign of e-reputation management. We are committed to providing our know-how to hide the negative comments and in return offer many articles and testimonials praising your brand or your product.

E-Commerce in China 

  1. Tmall 
  2. JD 
  3. Website promotion 

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