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KOL marketing

Key Opinion Leaders play a crucial role as influencers when it comes to social media platforms in China. They create and publish articles and related content to large Chinese fanbases and subscribers, generating millions of likes and reposts each day. Highlighting some aspect of their talents and specialties, KOLs are well accepted by the followers due to a sense of mutual interest and commonality. Therefore, what they like and what they post and repost has reverberates naturally within their audiences.

Getting a star or opinion leader who will speak for your brand will be great help. We identify the right KOLs that best fit our clients’ brands and work with them to amplify the brand’s voice through the creation of engaging content.

700 millions

users of social networks in China


Average week time by user spent on the web in China

1st place

worldwide country with most internet users


100% digital, we study the evolution of the web world, and look out for latest influencing KOL. We understand their way to work and offer you to take contact with them, so that you could better implement your campaign. With 11 years of experience and various case studies, our agency is leader in the Chinese digital marketing and master SEO, social networks and KOL strategies.

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You have an idea but you don’t know how to implement it ? Our experts will answer to your questions and offer you the best strategies linked to KOL. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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