One-stop service center to help overseas businesses open the door of Chinese e-commerce
We provide you with cross-platform, multi-channel and one-stop service for online store hosting and operating. Absorption makes diligence.
  • 淘宝托管

    Taobao hosting

    Interface design and operating for stores on Taobao and Tmall...

  • JD hosting

    Various high-end template designs of featured homepage, product details, etc. help your store to improve...

  • Online store applying

    Apply for stores on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD, Vipshop and Yihaodian, etc. at express speed...

  • Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park

    Cooperating with us, you can move into Amazon Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park for free ...

Having stood the test of many battles in 6 years, our abilities can be awared of from the records
The category we have operated covers over a hundred kinds of products, and the sales of the brands we handled reach a leading level in their respective industries, ranking the top among all major e-commerce platforms.
monthly sales before hosting:10017monthly sales after hosting1603563
Cooperating with us, overseas enterprises can move into Amazon AWS Cross-border E-commerce Industry Park for free.
Thousands of successful cases, hundreds of brand categories, recognized by big-name partners-all these are for your escort
In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has been amazing. What follows it is....
Led by Wanqi Qingjian, many industries have achieved rapid development in e-commerce world.....
Amazon AWS is a world-renowned Public Cloud provider and global start-up incubator operator. Qingdao - Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center is the first one in the world set up by Amazon AWS, aiming to promote downtown industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading.....
Besides all major e-commerce platforms, Wanqi Qingjian also cooperates with other...
You can customize your shop decoration project for free, with a design of extreme beauty.
Based on the data analysis and accurate positioning of market research, we can customize a unique shop style for you
Campaign planning for e-commerce hot cakes
We can provide brand cases for you. And every excellent work represents our moving direction

Showcase of classic cases
Wanqi Qingjian has provided services for hundreds of enterprises, referring to dozens of categories. Penetrating market olfaction and timely grasp of industry focuses make success easier
Synchronous operation and management allow you to learn about the development and progress of the store in real time
  • Contact and cooperate with our team members seamlessly, making you have the situation well in hand

  • Monthly plans, daily and weekly reports are for your review

  • Video conferences in groups- solve problems face to face

  • Have conversations with different technical personnel to expand ideas

  • Give regular classes to keep your brain charged

  • Project and talent incubation

Inspection process of hosting - discuss solutions one-to-one
Multi-party cooperation, elite team and accurate strategies - prepare for profit making only
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    online consultation
  • 02

    free diagnosis of your store
  • 03

    providing promotion proposals
  • 04

    Field study of the company
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