Project of South Korea PyunKang Hospital

Brief introduction

PyunKang hospital was established in 1998. Led by the director, it developed a kind of medicine named PyunKang Pill, which has the function of improving lung function, strengthening tonsils, preventing and curing all kinds of respiratory diseases and skin diseases. It has been exported to 31 countries all over the world and greatly improved the position of South Korea's traditional medicine.

Digital Solutions

Target audience: people aged between 30-80 who pay attention to lung health

With deep understanding of this hospital as well as the psychological analysis of target audience, we made a tailored promotion strategy for this client, from Smart Website construction to the writing and release of advertorials and word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, the number of target audience was greatly increased and its awareness was improved as well.

1. Baidu platform

2. Release of advertorials

3. Posting on forums

4. Word-of-mouth marketing

5. QQ group marketing