Project of Korea C&B Cosmetics

Brief introduction

C&B COSMETIC has always been making efforts to develop and produce natural and high-quality products. This is not a simple desire, because they are going forward step by step to make their dream coming true little by little. In order to make all the people who are seeking to be beautiful enjoy a happy culture & Beauty space, C&B has created Edenhills, a theme park of beauty unprecedented in South Korea. The new theme park is built in Hongseong with an area of 100,000 Ping, covering natural cosmetics, SPA facilities, healing center, shopping center, healing food, natural park, concerts and so on. It gives the opportunity to all people to enjoy healthy beauty in nature!

Digital Solutions

Target audience: women who attach importance to skin care

1. Baidu platform

2. Release of advertorials

We chose web portals like Sina, Sohu and Tencent and some famous websites on health as our advertorial release channels. The optimal choices on channels got the best result on publicity effect and clicks.

3. Posting on forums

On the choice of forums, we laid emphasis on some big ones like Tianya, sina and Hexun. Sections are mostly about healthy life. Precise advertising makes it easier to gather the core consumer group.

4.Word-of-mouth marketing

It is very important to improve the brand reputation when the brand exposure reaches a certain level. Q&A marketing is the best solution to build a good reputation.

5. Baidu Pictures

Baidu Pictures has become a trend nowadays. The range of target audience is wide and the spreading speed is fast. To display in this way, the popularity can be improved greatly.