Project of E-DINAR Trading Platform

Brief introduction

E-dinar was a kind of digital gold currency created in 2000. its founders are Zeno D ahinden from Switzerland, Dato Abdul Rahman Shariff from Malaysia, and Fernando Vadillo from Spain.

As a new generation digital cryptographic currency, E-dinar was almost unknown by Chinese people when just entering Chinese market. Given the risks of financial industry, people have some concerns about investment. But e-dinar's quick and easy service, simple investing methods and high yield ratios are what attract people most. 

Digital Solutions

Directing at the character of E-DINAR trading platform, we carried out all-around promotion work for it in the aspects of smart website, baidu platform, advertorials release, forum marketing, QQ group marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and new media. 

1. Baidu platform

2. Release of advertorials

3. Posting on forums

4. Word-of-mouth marketing

5. wechat marketing

6. QQ group marketing