Project of underwear online store TP

Brief introduction

A Tmall flagship store, mainly selling men's and women's underwear and home wear, is operated by the owner’s own team. But it’s not going well, and needs to be managed by more professional staff.

Existing problems:

1. The store lacks an overall operation plan with chaotic promotion rhythm and time. There is no systematic improvement plan.

2. The web page lacks a unique style and there’s no brand characteristics

3. There’re no many product lines. The only product is woollen pants. So there’s nothing to be sold after autumn and winter.

4. They only sell to customers in the north, and the south market has not been developed yet.

Digital Solutions:

1. Had a market analysis and locate products and audience according to the data templates.

2. Designed a web page with its brand characteristics to create its own unique style.

3. Did paid promotion to attract customers precisely.

4. Made different promotion plans at different time and strictly controlled the time points

5. Expanded product lines and added more products such as cotton-padded clothes, home wear and underwear.

6. Enhanced the brand influence of the store through some taobao activities and old customers’ marketing.

7. Regularly planned and participated in official activities to boost sales.

Before cooperation:

浏览量28000 跳失52.55% 销售额30907.35

After cooperation:

浏览量175981 跳失45.80% 销售额173610.60