Project of PurCotton

Brief introduction

PurCotton, born in 2009, comes from the combination of words Pure+Cotton, which means to produce healthy, skin-friendly, high-quality life care products with 100% natural Cotton. With the core raw materials of cotton spunlace non-woven fabric and high quality gauze, PurCotton develops garments, children's clothing, children's products, women care and pregnancy products. As the only brand of whole-cotton high-end household products, they are committed to providing safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly and healthy cotton living products for the global quality life seekers.

With more and more brands of cotton soft towel coming out to the market, The core competitiveness of these brands increasingly tends to be homogeneous, thus the brand competitiveness are greatly reduced. Therefore, PurCotton is in urgent need of brand broken and  clear positioning to improve the brand awareness and reputation, and drive product sales at the same time.

Industry analysis

To do a better job in this project, Wanqi has carried on a detailed research on Chinese cotton soft towel market, and made an analysis on the benchmarking enterprises in this industry. We analyzed the current situation of China's cotton soft towel industry, parsed the market segment and paths and thoroughly understood the demand change of consumers, laying a solid foundation for the planning of PurCotton’s brand broken.

Digital Solutions

1. Brand diagnosis

2. Brand breakthrough

3. Communication breakthrough