Project of American MORE Health

Brief introduction

MORE Health is an internet medical services company founded in 2011. Its headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, America. The international expert consultation platform developed by the company strictly adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The company is committed to providing the most advanced medical services for both Chinese and American users based on the powerful and easy-to-use consultation platform, relying on the advantage of silicon valley innovation and high-tech and integrating the American high-end medical resources.

Profit model: image display+brand promotion

Target customers: patients suffering from serious diseases

What customers care about most are:

1.Professional or not

2.Differences from other platforms

3.Whether can achieve the healing effect or not

Digital Solutions

1.Baidu platform

Baidu SEO

Baidu keyword ranking

When searching MORE Health, it was ranked on the top

Baidu related searching

Guide netizens to pay attention

Baidu news source

PR articles included by Baidu

2.PR articles publishing

On the publishing channels, we chose web portals such as sina, sohu, tencent, as well as some famous health websites. The optimal choice of channels makes a better publicity and higher click rate.


Posting on forums

On choice of forums, we focus on some major ones like Tianya, sina and Hexun. As to the sections, healthy living sections are our 1st choice. Accurate advertisement placement makes it easier to gather the core consumer group.

4.Word-of-mouth marketing

It is very important to improve the brand reputation when the brand exposure reaches a certain level. Question and answer marketing is the best platform to build a good reputation.

5.Wechat marketing

WeChat has become a popular trend today, with a wide range of audience and fast spreading speed. Therefore, we launched WeChat advertisement for MORE Health, enhancing its popularity through WeChat KOLs’ reposting.

6.QQ group marketing

Select QQ groups with 500+ members and get more audience through the forwarding and sharing of group members.

Display of searching: official website, news source, video website and industry website

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