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The art of selling and re-presenting your brand needs to be carefully developed in China. WANQI QINGJIAN NET is specialized in digital marketing and branding in China. Digital is the future of branding. We are here to offer you quality services (online influencers, content strategy, content production and community management..) in order for your brand to increase its visibility, popularity and reputation among Chinese people.

750 million

Number of netizens in China


Netizens using their smartphone to connect to the internet


Increase of smartphone and tablet useage


The internet is the best way to work on your brand awareness and image. You must target users for better penetration on the media platforms that are essential in China. Having a brand presence on Baidu, developing your press relationship, communicating on Chinese social networks, managing communities and creating quality content are all integral. . .

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Located in the centre of Qingdao, we are working in a multicultural environement. Our 11 years of experience with multiple clients from all around the world has provided us with the know-how to deliver results. The services provided by our 100% digital agency are vital for developing your brand in the Chinese market. We can be your specialist digital partner, utilizing the most effective methods for your growth. Do feel free to contact us !

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